Japanese Gardening – 3 Styles of Garden For Japanese Gardening

Japanese gardens are becoming popular and more gardens in the States are trying to have one part of them turned into a Japanese garden. In this Japanese gardening article, you are going to learn 3 types of Japanese garden styles which is very important for the planning of such gardens.You should know about the meaning of each types of garden because you would not want to spoil the theme of your whole garden. Let me get down and dirty to explain three of them to you.When people talk about Japanese garden styles, people will start imagining about small gardens without much flowers. Yes, this is the most popular style but the truth is, true Japanese gardens take up a lot of space. The small one that we always hear of will be the courtyard garden.Courtyard gardens have only a few features but to be simple is the key here. The purpose of having little features is to promote serenity and peace when you walk into the area. It does not aim to cause confusion and thus, a small water feature. a miniature tree and a few plants will be enough for a courtyard garden.Japanese gardening also includes a style of garden called tea garden. Again, flowers should be nowhere to be seen in this garden style. It usually consists of an outer and an inner garden. The inner garden will be the place where you find a small hut designated for tea ceremonies. You do need to keep in mind that the term “tea garden” does not mean that you need to have tea plants planted in the garden. It is only named that way because the garden is used for tea ceremonies.Another style of Japanese garden that is popular in Japan itself is the pond and island garden. Yes, it does require a lot of place to create such a breathtaking masterpiece. You may not have the space for it but you can always incorporate the style into your garden. If you can accommodate a pond in your garden, try planting some water lilies and rear some Japanese Koi fish the pond.For the plants, you can have some perennials and some decorating features just to turn your visitors’ attention to the pond. It is always nice to plant a big tree beside a pond because I am sure living creatures in there require a shade. The flows of water and the chirping of birds from the pond and island garden will definitely mix into your own relaxation tune.

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